Our Services


    2 hr

    50 British pounds
  • Test-ready but need a few hours to boost your confidence

    5 hr

    200 British pounds
  • Recently taken a test that didn’t go to plan, or looking to polish up

    10 hr

    350 British pounds
  • Need to improve your confidence behind the wheel

    15 hr

    480 British pounds
  • Hasn't yet mastered some of the more complex skills

    20 hr

    600 British pounds
  • Build on the basics and crack the complex skills

    25 hr

    700 British pounds
  • You'll solidify your existing areas of strength, work on weak spots.

    30 hr

    780 British pounds
  • Need to put in a lot of work before you're ready to take your test

    35 hr

    875 British pounds
  • Even the most nervous novice can become a seasoned pro

    40 hr

    1,000 British pounds